Bring stories to life!


We arrive with inspiring music, a big bag of props and huge rolls of plain paper, all we need are young curious imaginative children!

Through a variety of creative activities, we will bring story and the children’s ideas to life. We create a safe playing environment so the children can explore, create and animate story. It is all child led!

Combining drama and music we will build creative worlds and inspire curiosity in your children. Story and play are hugely important in children’s development, mix this with the power of music and in our session we create powerful mini learners.

This session is perfect for one or more classes to develop the story further.

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The whole experience was absolutely fantastic!
Teacher, Queens Hill Primary, Norfolk

- Confidence

- Listening & Speaking

- Imagination

- Expression

- Creative Writing Skills

- Risk Taking

The best workshop I have seen in a very long time. The students were always interested and engaged as a result of the creative, visual, audio and prop stimuli. A great Interactive workshop that captured the childrens imagination. The presenters were extremely passionate and enthusiastic, thanks!
Year 3 teacher, St Matthew Academy, Blackheath
An engaging, exciting, hands on workshop. Every child engaged throughout the session. The session was entirely age appropriate and relevant developmentally for early years
Reception Teacher, Kensington Primary
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