Creative Activity – News Images

Creative Activity – News Images

This is a brilliant drama activity, bringing to life any topic in class. Ideal for developing teamwork, creativity, imaginations and self expression.

Tell the children they are going to create the front page of a newspaper, however, the class will be the front page image. In small groups the children are to become a frozen picture of the topic/theme. For example, in History – the vikings have just invaded. The children can be anything in the image whether its an object or a character.

Once they have created these, ask each group to look at each others and praise the different images. They could pretend to take the photo with an imaginary camera. Ask the children to give their image a newspaper headline.

Move this on by tapping a child on the shoulder, when they are tapped they are to voice their character or object in first person, for example, a viking may say ‘I am going to destroy your home’ or a destroyed house may say ‘I am burning’. Ask the children to share these back without practice, you will be amazed by their improvisation and imagination whilst they are in role.

To follow on from this you could take photo’s of the children’s images and ask the children to write the newspaper article to go with it. Publish the newspaper articles and share around the school.

Why not turn this into a real WOW moment! Take a topic and think of the order of events. Create an interactive newspaper for each event. In the school hall show these frozen images with headlines in their sequence and invite the rest of the school to walk around the interactive newspaper. Each class could take it in turns each week to share.

A great activity which takes any subject topic and creatively brings it to life.