Creative Activity – Three Words

Creative Activity – Three Words

This creative activity is called ‘Three Word Stories’. Its a brilliant activity which excites children’s imaginations, helps with communication and allows space and time for self expression. This activity can be done at the start of the day for example, its a quick 10 minute creative activity to get brains buzzing. Why not do it once a week and watch as the stories and the children’s confidence and communication skills develop and improve.

This activity can be done in pairs or small groups. Give the children 3 random words. They are to create a brand new story but they must use these 3 words. An example could be “Palm Tree, Monster, Candle” Now the children are to bring these stories to life. Watch as the children excitedly improvise and create.

The children have full ownership. They can become a character, if the word is ‘Monster’ for example or incorporate the word into the story ‘There was a lonely CANDLE which lit a spooky house …’ Start by getting the children to tell their partner the story and then move on to acting these stories out.

Share back with the rest of the class. Why not sit in a circle and act all the stories out together.

As a teacher or practitioner make sure you join in and create your own story. It’s so important for the children to see you positively give it a go and creatively play too.

You could do this activity at the start of any topic and choose words that connect with that topic.You can also move it on so that each group don’t know the other groups words. After they have performed their short story, the rest of the class can try and work out what that groups 3 words were.