Creative Activity – Rhythm Poems

Creative Activity – Rhythm Poems

Creating rhythms, especially using just your body gives children the chance to creatively express themselves. It helps children to concentrate, develops a sense of teamwork and most importantly is a lot of FUN!

Most teachers I work with do this everyday to get children’s attention – clapping a sequence and the children reply. This works. This can be taken further and teachers can use it in their teaching.

Generate a simple body percussion rhythm with the children, for example,

Stamp Stamp Clap Clap OR Stamp Clap Stamp Stamp Clap

Next, generate a poem. I have used a lot of acrostic poems to do this. You could take any word, it could be in any area of the curriculum, for example, an acrostic poem in Maths use the word Fractions, In History use The Great Fire of London, In Science use the word Sound.

Half the class will perform the body percussion rhythm whilst the other half of the class read the poem allowed on top. Listen to the rhythm and read the poem in time.

Its a brilliant, fun way to learn and I use it a lot in my work. Do give it a go, you don’t need any resources and could use this technique to generate a buzz of excitement at starting a new topic.