Creative Activity – ABC Objects


Creative Activity – ABC Objects

This is my favourite activity at the moment. It’s quick, fast paced, imaginative, fun and works with all ages.

Ask the children to find a space and then get a child to choose a letter of the alphabet. They then have 10 seconds to turn themselves into anything beginning with that letter. Countdown from 10 and watch as their imaginations start to buzz and they transform their bodies into objects/animals/places, ANYTHING! It’s then up to the teacher or practitioner to work out what the children are being.

Do the activity individually and then move them into small groups. In their groups the children need to work together to become one ‘thing’ beginning with a letter. Give them 10 seconds and watch their frantic excited minds work. For example, B for BED, some children lay down, some become the headboard, some the pillows, the possibilities are endless!

I did this activity last week and the children came up with incredible ideas, the best part is there is no wrong answer. For the letter B, the children turned themselves into a ball, brain, ball point pen, bald eagle, boomerang and a banjo.

Always join in, so get the kids to guess what the adults in the room are too.