Co-Created Projects

Schools and organisations, let’s collaborate and co-design creative, engaging sessions and projects which bring learning to life.

Schools, whether you are looking for a one off workshop on a particular topic or are thinking of a creative arts week or whole school project, we can deliver what you need by working together in partnership. Our Co-Created projects will offer more power and ownership to you as collaborators.

If you are an organisation looking to partner with a creative arts company passionate about creative learning, then get in touch. We would love to work with you to devise and deliver outstanding creative experiences.

From our experience, collaboration between teachers and arts practitioners is powerful and vital. Sharing a creative toolkit of ideas lets teachers and others re-imagine learning, letting them take on new creative ways of teaching which enhances children's learning.

Let’s collaborate and create a memorable, exciting, educational and playful experience for children.

Want to collaborate? Have an idea? Get in touch.

An invaluable experiance, expertly delivered!
Teacher, Gravel Hill Primary