Creative Activity – Sound Tunnels

Creative Activity – Sound Tunnels

This is an activity which uses sound to build environments and atmospheres in order to help children create stories. Works with all ages. (I use it a lot at teacher CPD sessions and it’s so much fun)

Half the group make a circle whilst the other half of the group sit in the middle of that circle. A location is picked, for example a jungle or a stormy desert island. The children around the outside chose a sound and bring that location to life; using their voice and body to create the sounds. The children sitting inside the circle, close their eyes and imagine they are at that location. What can they hear? What can they see? What can they smell?

One child around the outside can be the conductor and raise their hands to increase the groups volume and lower their hands to decrease the volume.

Finish the soundscape and ask the children sitting in the middle to feedback on the images that were created in their minds Then swap over so everybody gets a chance.

You can move this on to a sound tunnel. Half the group stand opposite each other, forming a tunnel and create their sounds. The other half close their eyes and walk through the tunnel as if walking through that environment, experiencing the journey.

These sounds can then be used to write stories, draw pictures, create characters or get the children to act out an adventure they created in their mind.